Will June & July Usher in Improvements?

It has been a very busy first half of June.  There have been so many changes and so much progress made on many fronts. 

Sadly, all but one single MP voted to suspend your democratic rights on May 28th in parliament.  This move tells you exactly what your government thinks of you.  

Max's arrest in Manitoba this week makes it abundantly clear that federal politicians have lost their moral compass.

It is now clear more than ever that we need a wholesale change at the top. As those in power hide behind their bureaucracies, our leader, Maxime Bernier, stand for the principles that make this country so great! 

A Short Message From the COSN EDA! 

We are fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful areas of our country. Our Electoral District Association (EDA) is vast geographically so you have come to the right spot to learn more. 

The Peoples Party of Canada will do things differently. Engaging with the people of our area is our prime interest. Your ideas, your hopes and your dreams are what drives our candidate. We are a “grass-roots” party! 

We look forward to seeing you at events across the District as we work for the constituents of this area. We are at the beginning of something big and beautiful!

Please, come and join us!

Become a Candidate for the People's Party of Canada!

For those interested in becoming a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada, this document serves as an overview of the process you will go through in order to become a candidate for the PPC. Please review this document before beginning your application.